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What is UserWay?

At the heart of the internet, a digital revolution is taking place, with an increasing number of participating companies striving to create a more inclusive online environment. UserWay has been a pioneering player in this field, consistently providing key tools to turn this vision into reality. 


UserWay’s main offering, the UserWay widget, is a versatile AI-powered accessibility solution that adapts websites to become more accessible for people with disabilities. UserWay’s other accessibility products and services work alongside and independently of the widget, creating a more accessible web experience for everyone. In this review, we will explore how UserWay’s widget and other solutions are helping reshape the online landscape.


  • Easy to install
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Works with different CMS


  • Can be overwhelming initially


  • Contrast adjustment
  • Font type and size adjustment
  • Text spacing
  • Highlighting
  • Animation control
  • Cursor adjustment

Est. 2016

UserWay has spent nearly a
decade developing and refining
accessibility solutions,
demonstrating significant
experience and expertise.

1 Million Users

As of 2023, UserWay has
amassed a robust user base,
with over 1 million active users
worldwide, marking it as a
major player in the
digital accessibility industry.

40% Increase

With a 40% increase in
user count from 2022 to 23,
UserWay’s year-over-year
growth rate indicates a high
level of user trust and
satisfaction, and points to a
positive future trajectory.

150 Countries

UserWay solutions are
used in more than 150 countries
around the world, a global
presence that is a testament to
UserWay’s product versatility.

4.8/5 on G2

UserWay consistently
receives high marks from
users, with an average rating
of 4.5 out of 5 stars across
review sites such as Google,
and an impressive 4.8 average
on G2

UserWay history

UserWay was established with a clear vision in mind: to democratize the internet and make it accessible for everyone, regardless of any physical or sensory impairments. Established in 2016, it stands out for its commitment to accessibility, with the UserWay widget serving as its flagship tool. It has gradually evolved into a powerhouse for online accessibility solutions.


Accessibility aims, delivered

UserWay aims to build a web where everyone can participate, fulfilling the growing expectation that accessibility for people with disabilities is a given, not an extra. UserWay is continuously refining its tools to give more and more users a truly accessible experience, breaking down barriers that prevent users with disabilities from having a smooth and enjoyable online experience. The UserWay accessibility widget review provides insight into the widget's efficiency in making digital content more accessible.


Beyond the widget and its many options, UserWay offers an array of solutions that cover different aspects of web accessibility, including accessibility consulting, accessibility auditing services, and accessibility statements. These additional services complement the work of the UserWay widget plugin in providing a comprehensive web accessibility solution. For sites built on common content management systems (CMS), the UserWay plugin seamlessly integrates the UserWay accessibility widget into existing web architecture. This is available for most popular CMS platforms, from the more complex or advanced CMS types such as Drupal or Joomla, to the ubiquitous WordPress, the robust eCommerce CMS Magento, and the user-friendly Wix or SquareSpace options, ideal for small businesses.

How does the UserWay widget work?

So, how does this thing actually work? At its core, the UserWay widget is a tool that offers on-the-fly adjustments to a website or web app’s visual presentation, adapting to users’ specific needs, and making it easy for users with disabilities to engage with its content. UserWay's solutions are popular, used by a myriad of individuals and businesses. By 2023, the widget boasted well above 1 million active users, with support for more than 50 languages, making it a global player in web accessibility. The UserWay accessibility plugin and widget have received favorable ratings on various platforms, underlining its effectiveness in enhancing website accessibility. As for UserWay's market presence, it's been a reliable accessibility companion for close to a decade. Reflecting this trust, UserWay has an impressive 4.9-star rating on Google with over 3,000 reviews.

User reactions

UserWay accessibility widget review scores are consistently high, thanks to its commitment to helping businesses make impressively meaningful steps in their journey towards accessibility compliance. On the popular G2 review site, with an overall 4.8 out of 5 stars, customers mentioned:

Excellent customer service

This was a standout point
mentioned multiple
times by reviewers

Ease of use

UserWay has been
described as
“intuitive” and “effective”,
with “easy onboarding”

What can the UserWay widget do?

The UserWay widget is equipped with an array of features designed
to improve website accessibility:



The UserWay widget allows users to toggle between different contrast levels, making text and elements more distinguishable, and enhancing visibility for users with low vision. For instance, it can turn a dull webpage into one with sharper color contrasts.


Key areas of a webpage can be highlighted to draw the user's attention to important information. For example, highlighting links, headings, and other key elements can improve user focus and ease of navigation.

Font type

It enables users to choose from various font types that are easyon the eyes, making the reading process less of a strain, and more comfortable for the individual user.

Dealing with Animation

For users who find animations distracting or even nauseating, the UserWay widget can pause or stop them, protecting users prone to seizures or motion sickness.

Font size

Users can adjust the size of the text on a webpage according to their preference, making it easier to read. This is especially important for site visitors who are visually impaired.

Cursor Adjustment

Users can change the size of the cursor to make it more noticeable, choosing from various cursor sizes and styles, easing on-screen navigation.

Font and text spacing

The widget allows users to adjust line-height and letter spacing, making it easier to follow along naturally with the text flow.

Other UserWay Widget Options

From simplifying navigation to making links more visible, the UserWay widget offers numerous options to personalize the user experience. The widget also offers keyboard navigation, text-to-speech functions, and a pause on blinking or flashing elements, making it an all-in-one accessibility solution.

UserWay widget interface and usability

The UserWay widget user-friendly interface stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. A clean, unobtrusive icon resides in the corner of the website, and with a quick click, it presents the user with a range of accessibility options. However, some users might find the range of features slightly overwhelming initially.. Several screenshots and video tutorials on the UserWay website offer a helping hand in navigating its features. A comprehensive UserWay widget review is available for additional insights.

blue circle

Installation and integration

Installation is simple and straightforward. After signing up on UserWay's website, you are guided through a three-step process: configuring the widget, testing it, and finally, adding a code snippet to your website. A range of options is available to suit different web architectures. The UserWay website provides detailed guides to aid in the installation process, including screenshots and videos. For a more detailed walkthrough, see the step-by-step guide here. The UserWay plugin can be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of CMS (content management system) platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Shopify. For each CMS, there are specific instructions on the UserWay website to guide you through the installation process. This versatility makes UserWay a universally applicable accessibility solution.


The UserWay widget works on all modern browsers and requires JavaScript to function. For full effectiveness, users should keep their browsers up-to-date. For optimal widget function, the website should be coded according to current web standards. This includes proper use of HTML elements and attributes, preparing a website that is already accessible at at least a basic level.


Maintenance primarily involves staying updated with the latest UserWay widget releases and ensuring website compatibility. UserWay's support team is always on hand to help with any issues. For full site or app accessibility, routine updates and regular audits are needed to maintain accessibility, in tandem with the effectiveness of the UserWay widget. It's also crucial to check that any new content added to the website is in compliance with accessibility standards.

Judgement Time: is UserWay beneficial?

Yes. The UserWay widget undoubtedly aids users with disabilities, presenting a vast array of accessibility options, and significantly improving their online experience.

For business owners, the UserWay widget is a cost-effective solution to make their websites more accessible, expanding their audience reach, and reducing the risk of lawsuits over non-compliance with accessibility laws. Accessibility opens websites, apps, and businesses overall to a wider audience, positively impacting profitability.


UserWay Widget Summary

Overall, UserWay stands as a comprehensive solution for web accessibility. Its widget and plugin, complemented by its additional accessibility services, deliver on the promise of a more accessible web. These options offer a personalized experience, making websites more accessible and user-friendly.

In this UserWay accessibility widget review, we have seen how the UserWay widget is playing a pivotal role in making the internet more inclusive. With continuous innovation and a commitment to inclusivity, UserWay is making significant strides in bridging the digital divide.


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