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What is AccessiBe?

In a world increasingly reliant on the internet for communication, information, and commerce, it is critical to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, can freely navigate online spaces. This is where AccessiBe comes in. AccessiBe is a groundbreaking solution aiming to make the internet accessible for all users, particularly those with disabilities. It is designed as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to provide an accessibility overlay, the AccessiBe widget, which adapts websites to meet user accessibility needs.

As a comprehensive AI-powered solution for automating web accessibility, the widget is AccessiBe’s flagship product. AccessiBe’s widget is a cutting-edge tool that promises to make the online world more accessible for people with visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor impairments.


  • Comprehensive accessibility solution

  • User-friendly interface

  • Seamless integration with popular CMS platforms

  • Continuous updates through AI



  • Might require an initial learning curve

  • Some users may find the array of options overwhelming

  • Relies on JavaScript, which may be disabled on some browsers


  • Contrast adjustment

  • Font type customization

  • Font size customization

  • Text spacing adjustment

  • Highlighting links and titles

  • Animation control

  • Cursor adjustment

  • Keyboard navigation

  • Content scaling

  • Dictionary definitions

Est. 2018

Founded in 2018, AccessiBe now has five years of experience in web accessibility. Over that time span, it has made significant strides in reach and technology

111 Thousand Users

As of 2023, AccessiBe has 111,000 customers, marking it as a serious competitor in the digital accessibility industry. This substantial user base displays the credibility that AccessiBe has established in its relatively short lifespan.

186.34% Increase

AccessiBe's year-on-year growth rate has been impressive. From 2022 to 2023, the company experienced a 50% increase in its user base, a clear indicator of its growing popularity and its effective solutions.

200+ Countries

AccessiBe has established a strong international presence. With users in over 200 countries, its global reach showcases the adaptability of the AccessiBe widget: it offers support for different languages, and complies with various national accessibility regulations

4.5/5 on G2

AccessiBe consistently receives strong reviews from users. On platforms like Google and G2, it typically receives an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, reflecting high levels of user satisfaction in the company's offerings.

AccessiBe history

AccessiBe was founded in 2018, with the goal of making the internet accessible to people with disabilities. The founders believed in creating a world where everyone can freely navigate the web. This belief led to the creation of the AccessiBe widget, an integral part of the tool that makes this dream possible. AccessiBe has come a long way since then, leading a transformation in web accessibility by leveraging artificial intelligence.

AccessiBe's goals and performance

AccessiBe strives to democratize the web, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of any impairments they may have. By achieving this, AccessiBe aims to help businesses improve their overall user experience, reach a wider audience, and ensure legal compliance, as well as its primary goal of providing a fully accessible browsing experience to people with disabilities. The company also guarantees website compliance with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, and EAA/EN 301549 accessibility regulations. AccessiBe's accessibility widget review suggests that it is a game-changer in terms of inclusivity and online accessibility.

While the AccessiBe widget is a central feature, the overall AccessiBe tool also offers various other capabilities. It provides continuous compliance, scanning and adapting websites every 24 hours to ensure ongoing accessibility. AccessiBe also uses machine learning to improve image recognition and object identification.

How does the AccessiBe widget work?

The AccessiBe widget is powered by two distinct yet complementary applications: the accessibility interface and the AI background application. The interface allows users to adjust the visual aspects of a website to meet their specific needs, while the AI application manages complex needs like screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation. Together, these features ensure a smooth browsing experience for all users. Once the widget is installed, it appears on a website as an icon. When clicked, the interface pops up, presenting users with a range of customization options to tailor the web experience to their needs.

AccessiBe User reactions

Customer testimonials include mentions of a user-friendly interface, positive feedback from users, and fully improved accessibility. Heartfelt testimonials such as these underscore the impact of AccessiBe's mission.

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What does the AccessiBe widget do?

The AccessiBe widget is a versatile tool designed to meet diverse accessibility needs. It provides a host of customization options, transforming the browsing experience to meet each user's unique needs. Here's a brief overview of its key features:

Font Type

Users can choose from a selection of font types, modifying the font type to a more readable one according to their preferences. This is especially helpful to those with dyslexia or visual impairment, as well as improving overall readability for all users.

Font Size

The AccessiBe widget allows for easy font size adjustments to their comfort level, a crucial feature for those with visual impairments. This also improves the reading experience for users with temporary visual difficulties, such as those who may have tired eyes, or are viewing a site in poor lighting conditions.

Font or Text Spacing

This function permits the manipulation of text spacing, including lines, paragraphs, and words, further enhancing readability and comprehension. This can be a crucial change-up for readers with dyslexia or ADHD, who may struggle with tightly packed lines.


Users can opt to highlight links and titles, making it easier to navigate and find information on a webpage.


The widget allows users to pause, stop, or hide moving, blinking, or scrolling information, a vital feature for individuals who may feel nausea or suffer from seizures triggered by blinking or flashing lights, as well as those who find such movement distracting.

Cursor Adjustment

Users can modify the cursor size or color for better visibility, or use a reading mask to enhance focus and ease of navigation.

Additional Features

Other features include a text reader, an image blurring function, an option for keyboard navigation, dictionary definitions, and content scaling. Each function enhances a user’s experience significantly, making the internet a more accessible place.

AccessiBe widget interface and usability

In terms of interface and usability, the AccessiBe widget review indicates a user-friendly experience. The widget is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing easy navigation between its various features. However, the AccessiBe widget may require an initial learning curve, and users with certain cognitive disabilities may find the array of options overwhelming.

accessibe widget 1

Installation and integration

How to Install the AccessiBe Widget

Installing the AccessiBe widget is fairly straightforward. After purchasing a subscription, you'll receive a single personalized line of JavaScript code. This code needs to be inserted into your website's code. After that brief step, the widget will appear on your site. The installation process can be handled by anyone with basic coding skills or your website’s technical team.

What are AccessiBe Plug-In Integration Options?

The AccessiBe plugin integrates with various Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Joomla, and others. This range of options offers flexibility and ease of use for businesses using any of these popular platforms for their websites. Each of these platforms has a slightly different installation process, but detailed instructions are provided on the AccessiBe website.

Prerequisites for the AccessiBe Widget

To ensure proper functioning of the AccessiBe widget, a modern, JavaScript-enabled web browser is needed. Additionally, websites should be compatible with the widget's code and comply with basic web standards. Aside from this, the tool is quite self-sufficient, thanks to its AI-powered systems.

Maintaining AccessiBe Widget Effectiveness

The AccessiBe widget AI-powered application continuously scans, updates, and maintains the accessibility status of your website, requiring minimal manual input. Widget effectiveness is maintained by regular automated updates every 24 hours. This ensures that any changes made to the website are incorporated into the accessibility options.

Judgment Time: Is AccessiBe Beneficial?

For Users with Disabilities

Based on our AccessiBe accessibility widget review, this tool significantly improves the online experience for users with disabilities. It allows a personalized web experience, thereby enabling greater independence and inclusion.

For Business Owners

For businesses, the AccessiBe widget is a cost-effective solution to make their websites accessible and compliant with legal requirements. This widens their customer base and enhances their reputation as an inclusive brand.

AccessiBe Widget Summary

To conclude, the AccessiBe widget stands out as a powerful tool for improving web accessibility. Its innovative design and user-friendly interface make it a frontrunner in the world of web accessibility solutions. While there are minor areas for improvement, the benefits greatly outweigh any drawbacks, making it a worthwhile investment for any modern business.

Its easy installation, wide range of customization options, and automated updates make it a smart choice for businesses seeking to enhance their website’s accessibility and ensure legal compliance. With continued development and refinement, AccessiBe has the potential to transform the internet into a more inclusive space for all users.

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