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Welcome to our Website Accessibility Reviews site! We're here to make sure everyone can use the web, no matter their abilities. We review products and tools designed to make websites easier to use and more accessible for everyone. Our reports provide useful feedback, celebrating what's done well and suggesting areas to improve. We support principles of universal design – making digital spaces that everyone can use and understand easily. Whether you're a business, a developer, or a user, our platform can help you promote digital inclusion. We're passionate about making the web a place where everyone is welcome. Join us in creating an internet that's accessible for all.

Accessibility Compliance Guidelines

Explore our detailed accessibility guides that look to breakdown the laws, legislations, rules, and regulations from all over the world. 

WCAG Compliance
WCAG compliance transcends technical requirements, embracing a mindset that guarantees equal web access for everyone, regardless of their abilities.
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ACA Guidelines
Discover the Accessible Canada Act's impact & how to comply with it. The ACA is a critical federal-level disability rights law that aims to create a barrier-free Canada by 2040.
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ADA Guidelines
ADA, signed in 1990, addresses the urgent need for accessibility and ends a history of discrimination against people with disabilities.
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BITV Guidelines
Germany's BITV 2.0 Accessibility Law promotes digital inclusivity. Compliance prevents legal issues and expands content reach, aiding online accessibility.
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DDA Compliance
Our comprehensive guide on DDA compliance in Australia for digital accessibility, covering legal aspects, benefits, and practical compliance tips.
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European Accessibility Act
EAA mandates accessibility for all digital content in the EU by 2025, affecting both private and public sectors. Learn how to comply.
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IASR Standards
Discover the essentials of IASR standards for digital accessibility in Ontario, Canada. Learn about compliance, impacts on various sectors, and enhancing web accessibility
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RGAA Compliance
Discover the essentials of RGAA 4.1.2, France's web accessibility standard. Learn about its history, impact, and practical tips for digital inclusivity.
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Section 508
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires U.S. federal agencies and related organizations to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.
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UK Compliance
UK and global digital accessibility laws ensure equal internet access for all, including those with disabilities. These laws urge UK entities to improve digital spaces for inclusive access.
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